Hydraulic deburring machine

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Machine's service field:
The machine serves rubber's precise punching-work with a wide variety. Such as the holes of straight bar slut, round hole, cross hole, make punch-holes on the finger sheath, baby's pacifier, medical devices (bottle plug), sporting balls (butyl-material inner sheet), rubber (single-directional air-valve), as well as the punching, riveting and deburring process on industrial products made by aluminum and copper materials.

Mechanical structure characteristics:
Hydraulic system:
apply the logic valve IC circuit, tiny, fast, low noise and power.
Machine body:
apply the Japanese THK linear ball bearing and SUJ2 material shaft with special treatment, made in Japan. Rust-free in the shaft surface, the hardness exceeds HRC58o, high tenacity and anti-erosion.

Electrical system: Synchronizing to European and American products, we are applying 24V/DC controlling system, which has high reliability and is able to ensure the safe operation. All controlling devices are made in Japan or by internationally CE certified famous manufacturers.

Operating system: he double-hand-starting design has formed safe and stable operating system. Also these machines are equipped with the dual protecting measure of infrared-ray emergent stopping and emergent push button stopping design.


Machine model CVH-7A CVH-11 CVH-18 CVH-30
Pressure(ton) 7.0 26 25 37
Motor(HP) 3HP x 2.2KW 3HP x 2.2KW 5HP x 3.7KW 5HP x 3.7KW
Plate size 600 x 300 650 x 460 650 x 460 650 x 460
Daylight 465 465 450 450
Stroke 350 350 350 350
Machine size (mm) 900x920x2140 1260x1000x2040 1320x1000x2000 1370x1050x2060


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