Granulator GRM1-T5G4-1200

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  1. The blades were designed specially to increase durability and crushing capacity.
  2. Special bearing housing of rotor axis is located outside, which increase the bearing life, maintain and repair it easily.
  3. Innovative design of the body has longer life and exchange the blade easily.
  4. The washing type body has been equipped with the screw conveyer.
  5. Series automatic protection ensure the safety of maintenance operation.


Specifications GRM1-T5G4-1200
Feed mouth 1245 x 930mm (WxH)
Rotor Diameter 800mm
Amount of rotor blades 20PCS
Amount of stator blades 5PCS
Machine size 4700 x 3000 x 4100mm (LxWxH)
Total weight 10Ton
Drive power 100~150HP
Screen diameter Ø19~Ø100mm