Two Ram Metal Baler - CL Series

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The baler uses two cylinders to compress the metal automatically. It is used to bale the hard metal, such as waste metals、aluminum windows、alloy steel, etc.

This baler can be used with an exclusive storage, to make auto feeding、auto baling and auto discharging.


Machine Model CL-200 CL-300 CL-410
Total pressure force 200Ton  300Ton   410Ton 
Hydraulic motor  30HP (22.5kw) 40HP (30kw) 50HP (37.5kw)
Max. hydraulic pump pres. 210Kg/cm2 (3000PSI) 210Kg/cm2 (3000PSI) 210Kg/cm2 (3000PSI)
Size of compressing space (LxWxH) 2420×1060×600 mm 2420×1060×600 mm 3030×1515×910 mm
Side-forming stroke 2120 mm 2120 mm 2424 mm
Longitudinal-forming stroke 1363 mm 1363 mm 1970 mm
Forming Size (HxWxL) 600×500×210 mm 600×500×210 mm 910×600×400 mm
Machine Size (LxWxH) 4770×4000×1970 mm 5850×4400×2280 mm 6100×4530×2620 mm
Machine Model CL-560
Total pressure force 560Ton 
Hydraulic motor 60HP (45kw)
Max. hydraulic pump pres. 210Kg/cm2 (3000PSI)
Size of compressing space (LxWxH) 3630×1818×1212 mm
Side-forming stroke 3030 mm
Longitudinal-forming stroke 2270 mm
Forming Size (HxWxL) 1212×910×470 mm
Machine Size (LxWxH) 8100×5300×1800 mm