Our company has been dedicated in the R&D of new products and modification of existing products. In 1988, we have established the essential departments to explore and develop new technologies, which includes the R&D Dept, Electrical Dept and Mechanical Process Dept, etc., to develop the new-type hydraulic pressing machines in a wide variety, such as: the hydraulic curving-wood forming machine, hydraulic precise-punching machine, hydraulic cutting machine, heat-press forming machine, vacuum heat-press forming machine, environmental-recycling packing machine, metal-recycling packing machine and vertical type packing machine, etc.


The component were made by ourself up to 80%.We own high-speed lathe 、combined vertical and horizontal of millers and vertical-type cantilever drilling machines, etc. Each of the process machines has been equipped with SONY optics ruler. Let the component to achieve normalization, standardization

Recycling Sorting System




Two Ram Baler


The recycling packing machine


Drum Screen






Vacuum heat-press forming machine


Hydraulic deburring machine

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